Your About page is one of the most useful pages on your website. It’s where new visitors come to learn more about you, where regular readers come to follow your story, and where future clients come to get a feel for your business. Remember, readers are coming to learn how your site is going to benefit them, so incorporate your services and products with a short history from the outset. For example, a photographer might start his About page with the following: 


Since 1997, James Smith has been one of the leading wedding and event photographers in the San Francisco area, with a talent for capturing the magic of special family moments.

Hair Salon

Our Story

The content of your About page should speak directly to your audience. Use language they can connect with, whether it be more casual, formal, creative or straightforward. It’s not about changing your own story, but rather about how you tell it, based on your audience. If you’re a skateboard company, don’t tell your story like a politician. And if you are a politician, don’t use language that’s too childish. It’s tempting to use frilly language to try and impress your readers, but get to the point quickly without using too much fancy jargon and irrelevant information. Use action points when explaining what you do and make sure you answer these questions:


1. Who are you?

2. What do you do?

3. What is unique about your website, your business, and you? 

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